Recycled packaging

Why is it so important to us? Because it is very necessary to reduce the consumption of paper and plastic. We try to use the minimum amount of packaging materials, and if you have received a product with bubble wrap, we have certainly reused it from something we have received from our suppliers. We don’t buy anything new to package our products. We are also very lucky to have so many friends who offer us paper, newspapers, and cardboard.

The philosophy

We are firm supporters of “less is more” and try to apply this concept to our packaging, studying boxes and packages that use as little material as possible but guarantee safe travel.
We don’t usually print our invoices, we prefer to send an email.

Packaging service

If you want recycled packaging for your customized product or for your party favors, we can project a handmade, personalized, and sustainable box.

Covid-19 precautions

All our materials and products are stored in big, closed boxes.
When we put a product into its packaging to ship it, we use alcohol gel and a face mask to avoid any risk of contact.