Ceramic has a wide range of uses. You can desire a bowl with hand-painted details, a rocking unicorn, or a simple bead. We will be happy to check all the technical aspects to create a beautiful piece and share our passion for details with you.

So, let’s start 🙂


Do you have an idea and want to transform it into a ceramic product? We can discuss by email or easily by chat on Instagram. You can send a photo or just a sketch or a description so that we evaluate if we can technically realize the product.


Once everything is explained, we realize a prototype of the item. We can discuss all the details with the real product that you can see through photos. This step is also necessary to confirm the costs and the realization times.


If you confirm the order, you’ll have to pay 70% of the total cost, and then we will start producing the item. The remaining 30% will be paid when the item is ready to ship.


We can provide a customized recycled packaging. Check our Packaging section to see some examples. After everything is wrapped, we will notify you that your order is ready for shipping.