Our brand is a small reality developing step by step. We enjoy merging all our perspectives and inspirations, never forgetting our strong Italian cultural background. Working the clay with our hands to create products with a simple and clear design is a challenge in which precision and creativity walk together. Nature is our main source of inspiration, and our ideas evolve continuously thanks to customer feedback. There is nothing left to chance, and every little sign hides unique values. The entire production process, from modeling to packaging, handmade in every single element, gives life to a piece that is perfectly imperfect, with details and peculiarities that make it unique.



A simple, minimalist, small vase.
Available in different sizes.
A cute item perfect for many different occasions.


“When we do something with our hands, we are authors of our time”. This is the sentence that really inspired us to become artisans. As in all artisanal productions, the more precious value is time, not only because we need to respect the materials we work with, but also because our human energies are limited.

Every day we try to do our best, but sometimes it can happen that we don’t think about some aspects of a product. For this reason, it’s so precious having direct contact with our customers, as it happened many times in street markets. We really want to thank all our clients and collaborators and anyone who gave us their feedback during these years. It helped us a lot to grow up and improve our brand.

We are recycling fanatics. We try to waste as few materials as possible, especially in our packaging. If you are a maniac too, check our handmade packaging section here. And if you have some plain cardboard, bring it to us! 🙂


Bigger quantities,
same quality standards.

Exclusive wholesale areas and special conditions.


Your ideas,
our hands.

Discover our process.