About Us

Bianca Rouge Black

A project born in Italy and adopted by Portugal combines design and artisanal production of ceramic objects.
BRB is the acronym of the brand, and it comes from white, red, and black clay used in the production.

The entire production process, from modeling to packaging, handmade in every single element, gives life to a piece that is perfectly imperfect, with details and peculiarities that make it unique.

Our Mission

Working the clay by hand to create products with a simple and clear design is a challenge in which precision and creativity walk together. Nature is our main source of inspiration and our ideas evolve continuously thanks to customer feedbackAs always in the tradition, there is nothing left to chance and every little sign hides unique values!

The customization service we offer combines our design and processing skills with the feasibility and timing requirements that mostly regulate our small production and which aim to completely satisfy the needs of our customers.

BRB is the starting point
if you need a sounding board for your ideas
and an expert guide during the design process
maintaining an excellent quality/price ratio
for each product created.